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Realtor proves laughter is good for more than just jokes

By Patricia Pair, editor  




Crye-Leike Realtor, Vice President, and Broker Chet Whitsitt is crazy alright; crazy like a fox. 

It's no marketing gimmick. Chet is fun to be with, energetic, and above all else enthusiastic about helping his clients, not to mention a little obsessive/compulsive about returning
phone calls. 

You've seen his face plastered, literally, all over the Memphis and Shelby County area with zany slogans and sayings such as "Check with Chet", "I am Crazy...About Real Estate", "Outstanding in His Field (literally)", "Not Just Another Pretty Face", and probably his most memorable to date, the "Draw Chet" for Halloween. 

So how does all this nutty stuff fit into the serious business world? Well, Chet said the craziness helps build his clientele, which translates into sales and money, the goal of any business. 

"I like using creative advertising to get people to remember my name," he said. "I like to have fun with it. The crazy stuff differentiates myself from other Realtors, and hopefully, it makes people laugh. I think people need to laugh. They're just so busy with their jobs and the stress in their lives, I like to know when they get their mail they might smile or laugh, even if it's just for a moment." 

Chet's personal assistant Janice Benson quickly adds, "If we didn't laugh, we'd both be in an institution." 

All kidding aside, Chet is serious when it comes to selling real estate. The impressive number of certificates and plaques adorning his office walls, not to mention the stacks of paper and files and the computer equipment, prove just how serious Chet can really be. 

"I have a basic philosophy," he began, "I never tell people something that I wouldn't tell my own parents and I don't tell people to do something I wouldn't do myself. Plus, I always, always return my phone calls, and immediately." 

Of course the fact that Chet likes what he does for a living has helped him down life's path, a path that is paved with such golden bricks as 1995 sales approaching $17 million, being a Life Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club and completing more than 2,500 hours of
real estate courses and seminars on real estate. 

"I like what I do, and I do what I do seven days a week," Chet explained. "I would have to say about 95 percent of my business is referrals. I would have to say that my biggest hobby is real estate. I like it. It's a challenge and it helps people." Chet also is a certified residential specialist and a graduate of the Realtors Institute of Tennessee. 

So, how is business? 

"It's good," he said with a smile. "I think interest rates are low which fuels the whole market. I keep getting more referrals because I give people the exact facts the way they are. Plus, I keep in touch with all my customers and clients." 

"We prepare folks for all the things that will take place during a sale," Benson added. 

Chet isn't the only real estate guru in the family. Judy Whitsitt, Chet's wife, specializes in new home sales by quality, reliable builders. Judy, who also is a Life Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club, was a part of the force that lead to Chet's 1995 sales figure of almost $17 million. Chet said he and Judy plan to do even more this year. 

The Whitsitts have two children, 14-year old Josh and 12-year old Jennifer. Chet also lists going to the beach and snow skiing as his

With Chet's office already completely computerized, he wants everyone to know that all of his listings are on the Internet!